2022 China Industrialized Construction Engineering Convention

Build a new ecology for industry development

The industrialization of a new type of building should apply a large number of new technologies, new materials, and new equipment, emphasize scientific and technological progress and management model innovation, focus on improving the quality of workers, and focus on shaping the corporate brand and image. Compared with developed countries and the requirements of green development, China still has a big gap and shortcomings. It is urgent to find effective ways to break through the bottleneck of construction industry development and comprehensively improve the level of engineering construction.


2021 coincides with the tenth anniversary of the founding of the "www.precast.com.cn". The past ten years have also been a decade of vigorous development of prefabricated buildings and building industrialization. Engineers working in this decade have generally felt new standards, new processes, new technologies, and new technologies. The changes brought about by the product system have also felt many changes in concepts, processes, and methods and the problems they have caused. In the next ten years, "green", "high quality", "innovation", and "integration" are clear development goals. The foundation for the development of industrialization of construction needs to be consolidated, and the efforts and support of engineers from various disciplines are needed.

www.precast.com.cn will gather hundreds of member companies and many industry engineers to launch the 2022 China Construction Industrialization Engineers Conference to create a professional offline exchange and development platform for engineers, do not forget the original intention to provide services, and promote cross-border integration and communication between enterprises and engineers, To contribute to the development of the industrialization of new buildings.


Activity Highlights:

Gather international perspectives

Invite domestic and foreign experts and scholars

Committed to creating an academic, forward-looking, and industry-oriented in-depth communication platform

Assemble leading companies in the industry

Explore innovative development countermeasures in key areas

Adopt a "precise, excellent, and specialized" preparation model

Ensure professional dimension and promote effective professional interaction


Activity Composition & Schedule 

March 4: Sign in all day

March 5: Main forum:The ten-year innovative practice road of the leading enterprise of national construction industrialization and "new product, new technology, new material, new system"

"The Decade of Industrialization of Construction" Keynote Speech/Talkshow

March 6: Theme Forum One: Industrialization of New Buildings under the Dual-Carbon Background

Theme Forum Two: Informatization and intelligence help the development of building industrialization

Theme Forum Three:Innovative development of structure, interior and exterior protection

Workshop1 Double-sided laminated wall system special session

Workshop2 Waterproofing of the outer protective structure

Workshop3 Advanced equipment/tools special session



Hr. Hongwei Wang: hongwei.wang@bvmw.de

Fr. Meiyun Liang: meiyun.liang@bvmw.de