More than just PR?! Suitable integration of sustainability into your corporate strategy

Climate change, human rights, circular economy... many topics, high expectations - and a new strategy for each topic. Really?



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Many companies struggle to align societal challenges and goals, such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) or The Paris Agreement, with their revenue and cost objectives. This often leads to more PR-driven "CSR" approaches, which are rarely followed by substantial changes in the core business and may damage the reputation.

There is a lack of options to choose from that fit the strategy and positioning of the company. More and more opportunities to create added value on the one hand, and more risks for the business model, on the other hand, require the integration of sustainability into the strategy. Martin G. Viehöver presents the approach of "positive impacts (PI) GmbH".

About the speaker:
Martin G. Viehöver, Founder & CEO of positive impacts (PI) GmbH, is an expert in sustainability and ESG with almost 30 years of experience in that domain in total and nearly 20 years as a manager in leading management consulting firms.

After an interesting presentation of 30 minutes, the speaker will be available to answer your questions for another 15 minutes. The online event is free and is aimed at anyone interested. Participation is possible via web browser, zoom app or by telephone. Please sign in. The zoom link will be sent to you automatically by email.


Mittwoch, 05.05.2021
12:30 - 13:15
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