Wir begrüßen unser neues Mitglied, die Link Europe GmbH

Der Geschäftsführer, Herr Christian Wecker, hat sich für die Mitgliedschaft im BVMW Limburg entschieden.

Equipment & Testing – In The Right Mix For You

Every LINK product is designed by a cross-functional team of veteran engineers, who solve real customers’ problems in our own test laboratories every day. There is no substitute for this hands-on experience. It’s built into every test system we make. Since LINK machines are built to last, you can plan on 30 years of service or more. We design every system to stay relevant far into the future, remaining backward-compatible and easily adapting to tomorrow’s needs with only minor upgrades. That’s why LINK delivers the lowest amortized cost of ownership in its class.

When you have a particularly challenging application, why not bring it where the world’s largest OEMs do? They rely on LINK for custom solutions, especially in the areas of force displacement and rotational torque—as well as innovative control and data acquisition strategies for any type of measurement. As a chair or technical lead on several working groups in numerous business sectors, we’ve helped establish many standards and methodologies in use today. With testing operations in Germany, China, Korea, Brazil, Italy and the U.S., we can find the best solution anywhere to virtually any measurement problem.

At many suppliers, once your product is installed, most contact ends. At LINK, that’s when our relationships really begin. As a manufacturer and a testing lab, we do what you do, every day. After decades of experience, we’ve got a lot to share. This kind of involvement goes far beyond equipment calibration or maintenance. Decade after decade, we’re with you all the way. Because at LINK, we’re not just here to service your machine. We’re here to serve you. Test in our labs, buy your own system, or mix and match to fine-tune a solution just for you.