Working groups of the Mittelstand Alliance Africa

Africa is increasing being strongly perceived by governments, companies and civil societies as the continent of economic opportunity. There exist interesting markets in the increasingly integrated economic regions of ECOWAS, SADC, EAC and TFTA, whose progressive harmonisation of rules and regulations makes it easier to do business.

Despite this, German industry remains very hesitant about Africa; according to “Start Up Africa”, of the 400,000 German companies that are operating internationally, only 1000 are active on the African continent. It is therefore vital to now consider Africa’s actual potential for the continent itself and for the German economy.

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Soli muss weg für alle!


Das Soli-Gesetz der GroKo benachteiligt Millionen Steuerzahler, ein klarer Verstoß gegen das Grundgesetz. Der Soli gehört deshalb vollständig und für alle abgeschafft.

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