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The german association for small and medium-sized businesses

BVMW - The Mittelstand

The BVMW is a politically independent association which caters for all commercial branches and professions, and represents the interests of small and medium-sized businesses in politics, with administrative authorities, with trade unions and with major companies. Medium-sized businesses – around 3.3 million individual enterprises in all – are the backbone and impulse of the German economy.

Through your membership of the BVMW, you assist in strengthening the situation of small and medium-sized businesses and enable them to secure a more powerful position.

At the same time you, too, benefit from the services of a large and growing mutually supportive group.

Put us to the test. Get to know a network that is unique in quality and size in Germany and apply for your BVMW membership!

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Small and medium-sized businesses

  • make up over 99 per cent of all businesses in Germany paying sales tax
  • create 70 per cent of the jobs
  • provide 80 per cent of the job-training opportunities available
  • develop 75 per cent of all patents and innovations


  • concentrates the power of small and medium-sized businesses
  • fights for an improved economic and political framework at national as well as at regional and local levels
  • influences legal Bills and regulations
  • creates a platform for the opinions of small and medium-sized businesses

1. The political lobby in Germany

Influence on political decisions affecting economic conditions can only be achieved through the activities of a pressure group. Consequently, the BVMW works hard on a broad spectrum of political levels, starting with local, regional and national levels, and ending with the European Commission in Brussels.

The basis for the political work of the BVMW is the policy statement “small and medium-sized businesses are a mobile force”, which combines the most important statements and demands of our association. Together with our co-operation partner associations, we represent 1.1 million members.

2. The personal touch

A network of over 300 regional and local offices in Germany offers a personal service to members. Each BVMW Area Manager is on the lookout for new business opportunities and supports new projects. He intercedes on your behalf in dealings with administrative authorities, banks, insurances and other official bodies. Besides competent specialists willing to help on the spot, there are central databases of more than 1,000 qualified consultants and experts, with hotlines on economic, financial and legal topics to assist you in your business decisions.

3. Public relations work

The BVMW provides its members with a platform for public relations work. With more than 2,000 conferences and seminars each year, the BVMW offers its members excellent opportunities to acquire information, as well as to establish and expand business contacts. Up-to-date information on new legislature, government regulations and decisions guarantee the business man and woman the essential competitive advantage.

4. International Experience

Permanent representation of the BVMW abroad with local contact partners who can, for example, provide a low-priced marketing organisation (At present about 40 offices around the world, eg. Japan, India, Brasil, Iran, Qatar, U.S.A.)

The BVMW co-operates with many national partner associations throughout the world and has agreements with numerous associations.
External economic relations networks
Business trips abroad with numerous meetings between German and foreign entrepreneurs.
Within these co-operations the BVMW has an extensive and fruitful exchange of knowledge concerning common projects and regularly organises international conferences on various topics dealing with foreign affairs.

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